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Bar + Culinary Adventure

Bar 2 Alex brings the best of both worlds. It’s a local bar serving culinary dishes in small portions, so you can try more. We have gathered the best dishes around the world and created a dynamic mix for our customers. Aside from mouth-watering dishes, our customers can enjoy our wide variety of alcoholic beverages. Just tell our bartenders what drink you want, and they’ll mix it in no time. Spend Amsterdam holiday at Bar 2 Alex, and get a free beer. Our bar is open every day. So, after a heavy day at work, have a relaxing moment with your friends at Bar 2 Alex.

Bar 2 Alex Lavish Menu

Most of bars and club focus on the alcohol, while Bar 2 Alex focuses on the menu. Drinking sessions could be a sophisticated social activity. We desire to bring great food choices and a wide variety of drinks to complete your night. Spend your happy hour with us. Not only we give out offers & coupons, but we also offer great value on the dishes and drinks we serve. Here at Bar 2 Alex, you can taste world-class food and drinks without the hefty bill fine dining restaurants charge you.


We are Thinking of You

Throughout the years of serving the locals of Eindhoven, we learned about their special needs. Some people may be allergic to gluten or are lactose sensitive. So, we created menus for these people, so they can fully enjoy food and drinks without any worries.

Gluten-Free Menu

Gluten is a form of protein that comes from grains such as wheat, rye, and barley. For people who have no issues with gluten, they could be care-free in choosing any food. But for people with celiac disease, eating food with gluten is a grave mistake. They cannot tolerate any forms of gluten and bad reactions could be fatal. Bar 2 Alex offers a gluten-free menu. We take it seriously as we don’t want to spoil anyone’s evening.


Lactose-Free Menu

It’s quite frustrating to not be able to eat those cheesy fries and pizza simply because you are lactose intolerant. We know the feeling, so we created a menu for you. We have a great selection of dishes that would satisfy your tastebuds without you having to go the rest room after.

Happy Hour

Visit us between 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm and enjoy our happy hour. Our drinks come with a discount during these hours. You can also enjoy a good view of the city on our terrace when the weather is good. Bring your friends and relieve stress at Bar 2 Alex.





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