Why Eating in Small Portions Is Better?

Serving in small portions is commonly done in fine dining restaurants. If you have been to Amsterdam top sightseeing, you’ll notice that most restaurants offer small portions. Most people thought that serving small portions has something to do with the price of the dish but there are other good reasons why do it. Here are the reasons why eating in small portions is better.


Presentation is Easier

The presentation becomes easier for chefs when they are serving in small portions. By doing this, they can demonstrate their plating capabilities. It is also pleasing to the eyes. Big portions of food are harder to plate, therefore, harder to present as a luxury food. So remember on your next Amsterdam city trip, great gifts come in small boxes. The serving might be small, but all the elements of the food you are looking for are there.

It Lets Us Appreciate Every Bite

For some, it may sound creating a scarcity mindset which makes us appreciate the food better. It is a partial truth. Because when we see small portions, we know that every bite counts. So, we need to savor every bite and taste everything within the dish. The dinner cruise Amsterdam way is to serve small portions but they offer plenty of options. Customers enjoy the food better without feeling bloated after.


Focusing on Quality Instead of Quantity

Some ingredients cost more than the others. Keeping the portions small lets restaurants use finer ingredients on their food. They can do complex designs and more. Also, for more expensive ingredients like Kobe beef, and caviar, small portioning helps to highlight these ingredients.

Prepare for More

According to a survey, people lose the sense of amusement after the third bite. That’s why great chefs would rather prepare small meals to keep the amusement going. Another perk of serving a small portion is the customers would have the appetite to try other food in Amsterdam canal tour. They won’t feel bloated or overfed after dining. After each dish, there’s a new experience awaits. You might not walk out super full, but you’ll be satisfied.