Have You Heard Of Bartending Oath?

Bartending is a decent profession. While everybody parties like crazy, the bartender stay on his post and wait for requests to come his way. There is such thing as a bartending oath, quite unorthodox or unheard of, but every bartender is expected to do them.


Never Confuse Customer Service With Affection

There is a high chance that a customer will hit on a bartender because he or she is smoking hot. This is not surprising after all. The lazy ambience accompanied by good amounts of alcohol can make anyone irresistible. The customers may stare at you as if they are staring at a masterpiece in van Gogh museum Amsterdam but never confuse customer service with affection. It’s a number one rule for a reason. We’ve seen a lot of guys got into trouble for violating this rule.

Be Honest About The Tipsbartending

Bartenders form a different kind of brotherhood. They will be there for each other when the other guy is in trouble. And when it comes to the tip, it’s the same rule. Never covet fellow bartender’s tip. Most of the time, they share their tip fair and square.

Thou Shall Not Drink While Working

It’s quite a temptation when you are surrounded by booze. Everyone around you is drinking. And those bottle at the shelve is inviting, just like how a shopaholic browses online shops like lazada and zalora. But no matter how difficult the temptation, never drink while working. Imagine the chaos it may cause like sending out wrong drinks or going into a fight because you’re not yourself.

Always Act Knowledgeable

There will be a time when you forget about the mixes and their proportions. When in doubt, don’t show it. Don’t go to your fellow bartender and ask for help, he is also busy with his own orders. Go to the back room and google it. Google is everyone’s best friend. And the best tip of all is to study while there are no orders. Buy a book or shop online using discounts and learn more about booze.