Low-Calorie Drinks to Order on A Friday Night Out

drink mix

Here’s the dilemma, you are on a diet, yet you have a social responsibility to your friends who love to drink. Drinking won’t help your diet, but there are drinks which have lower calories than the others with some health benefits on the side. Are you in?

Champagne with Orange or Grapefruit Juice

White wine has more calories than champagne. It’s quite a dry drink, so adding orange or grapefruit juice doesn’t only add to the flavor but also brings you some added vitamin C. Another tip: have a sip of this drink before each snack and feel fuller after. You’ll save on some calories because you feel full and satisfied.

Light Beers

When you are in a bar that serves beer, go for light beers. Beers are the culprit for having a beer belly in men and also in women. Light beers contain less sugar but almost have the same taste as the regulars. This drink is available anywhere even in cheap night Amsterdam. So, go ahead and enjoy a few bottles without having a beer belly later.

Guinnesslight drink

This famous Irish drink is known for having a thick consistency, yet you’ll be surprised that it contains lesser calories compared to other drinks. Guinness is rich in antioxidants, vitamin B, and some soluble fibers (good for digestion). Though you might be thinking that Guinness is a good drink for you, it’s still best that you drink it in moderation. Nonetheless, it’s a good drink to bring to boat rental Amsterdam. Small sips are tasty and stimulating just how the Irish people like it.

Flavored Coconut Water

If you’re lucky, you might find flavored coconut water in the menu. Some bars do mix it with some little alcohol, some just serve it with added flavor. Coconut water is good for cleansing the colon. It’s a nature’s gift that we should cherish and enjoy. It’s the perfect drink before going to renting a bike in Amsterdam. Must-try flavors are Ginger and Lemongrass or Mint and Lime over ice.